To the New Frontier of Nano-Precision M4 Process

Prof. Tsunemoto KURIYAGAWA

Nano-Precision Mechanical Fabrication Laboratory (PM Lab) of Tohoku University focuses on the creation and development of new manufacturing principles and technologies. By combining young researcher educations and technological innovations, the laboratory contributes to the competitiveness of Japanese manufacturing industry.

PM lab also aims to promote innovations of nano-precision Micro/Meso Mechanical Manufacturing (M4 process) at the frontier of manufacturing technology, including ultra-precision mechanical manufacturing technologies for various shapes, nano-precision fabrication for 3D microstructures, atom/molecule manipulation for nanostructures and so on. Our goal is not only to create high-precision shapes, but also to generate functional structures on the shape by controlling the micro textures.

 We meet the challenge at the frontier of precision manufacturing with verve and zest. Finding solutions for the companies and collecting the feedback from industry to exploit the new frontier of manufacturing are the continuous driving force to do the research. In the same time, sharing the global success and innovations with researchers from all over the world broadens our version and urges us to make progress from time to time.

  • Associate Professor.
    Masayoshi Mizutani

  • Assistant Professor.
    Keita Shimada