Nano-precision grinding technology

  1. Fluctuation-free aspheric generation
  2. Parallel grinding method and arc-envelope grinding method
  3. Nano-topography generation theory and grinding condition optimization
  4. High efficiency aspherical grinding of large-scale fused quartz optics
  5. Development of noncontact aspheric measurement
  6. Development of ultra-fine grit diamond wheel utilizing uniform classification and dispersion technologies for nano-precision grinding
  7. Ultra-precision truing and dressing method
  8. Laser conditioning of diamond wheel for high cutting edge density
  9. Ultra-smooth plane horning technology

Nano-precision cutting technology

  1. Nano-particle lubricated tool-swinging cutting of hard brittle materials
  2. Fabrication of hybrid aspherical optics and dies with refractive and diffractive structures
  3. Micro-grooving
  4. Cutting for mold of lens array
  5. Ductile machining for semiconductor substrates
  6. Planarization by ultra-precision cutting
  7. Evaluation and restoration of subsurface damages

Nano-precision polishing technology

  1. Fabrication of new-concept micro-polishing tool
  2. Electrorheological fluid assisted micro-polishing

Nano-precision molding technology

  1. Development of high-quality and high-speed glass molding machine and fine-grade molding dies for aspherical optics
  2. 3D microstructure molding
  3. 3D nano-imprint
  4. Investigation of glass molding dynamics utilizing multi-scale and multi-physics simulation

Micro/Meso Mechanical Manufacturing

  1. Micro-aspherical grinding
  2. Micro-aspherical polishing
  3. Micro-cutting of micro-aspherical lens array
  4. Micro-abrasive jet machining (AJM)
  5. Micro-ice jet machining for semiconductor
  6. Micro-powder jet polishing
  7. Micro-deposition of ceramics films
  8. Micro-ultrasonic abrasive machining
  9. Micro-EDM
  10. Micro-Laser machining

New methods for micro-abrasive machining utilized electrorheological fluid(ERF)assisted technology

  1. ERF assisted micro-polishing
  2. ERF assisted micro-ultrasonic machining